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Building a Winter Skincare Routine

I'm not quite sure how this happened... but we are definitely coming into winter... already! You can smell the chill in the air, the nights are much darker and the frost has been rearing its chilly face. Just yesterday I left for work at 7 am and had to scrape ice off my car!

I don't know about you, but I would love to just stay in the Autumnal phase until Spring arrives next year, I don't handle the cold very well and I dread the changes to my skin! Realistically, that's not going to happen, so today I'd like to share with you how the winter weather can impact our skin and a few suggestions on how to help our skin thrive through the winter months!

First of all, let's look at the impacts of winter on our skin. You know how it goes, the nights get colder and usually wetter, the heating gets cranked up, the layers of clothing start to build up... it sounds cosy, and it is... but as we go about our day, all of these changes can be detrimental to our skin. As the days get colder, the humidity drops, the air becomes drier and there is much less moisture about, so much so, the moisture that's in our skin already is actually drawn out. It's the same with central heating. Toasty, cosy homes mean warm, dry air that is just as bad for our skin's moisture levels.

These changes can lead to dry, flakey skin prone to cracking, and each can exacerbate the other. If your skin is prone to conditions like eczema and psoriasis, flare-ups can become more common and harder to manage. To add to this, the effects of our skin drying out can actually cause our skin to produce more sebum (oil), with our sebum production out of whack our skin cells can end up sticking together, clogging pores and leading to breakouts, oily skin and for acne-prone skin, further flare-ups. This is why it's essential we review our skincare routine and products when it comes to winter!

So what changes should we make to our skincare routine as the winter approaches?

  1. Review your cleanser - If you're using a cleanser that's too harsh, this can also exacerbate skin issues in the winter. Using a harsh cleanser can strip even more moisture from your skin, by stripping it of its natural oils. Traditional soap cleansers and foam cleansers tend to get a bad rep for drying out the skin, if you're like me and you love the lather fear not! Try incorporating my Moonkissed Cleanser into your routine, there's nothing traditional about this powder-to-foam cleanser! The lathering ingredient is SO gentle, it's often used in baby skin care as it doesn't dry out the skin like usual soap and foaming cleansers. All the benefits of a deep, thorough cleanse... without the dry skin! You can get your hands on my Moonkissed Cleanser here.

  2. Stay hydrated - As our skin is losing moisture and hydration, it's essential we replenish this! Keeping yourself topped up with water throughout the day is key to keeping your body and skin hydrated. Make it a priority to be consistent with water intake, and if it's something you need to do more of then focus on making it a part of your daily routine!

  3. Review Your Exfoliating - There used to be a hard and fast rule when it came to exfoliating, "only exfoliate once a week" - but the truth is, everyone's skin is different. If you don't exfoliate at all, then I'd recommend investing in some gentle exfoliators and starting with once a week. If you're an experienced exfoliator, and it's already a staple in your weekly skincare routine, you can try upping this to twice a week if you feel your skin is needing a bit more help in this department. As always, be cautious not to over-exfoliate, you really need to observe and listen to your skin on this one! Over exfoliating can cause the skin to dry out even more, can cause broken veins and depending on the exfoliator you choose, could also cause microtears on your skin! I always recommend using a fine exfoliator, nothing with large sugar or salt granules as these are too abrasive. You could always opt for a chemical exfoliator (AHA's or BHA's), which I'll be doing a blog post on later this month!

  4. Review Your Moisturiser - Just like replenishing water, we need to replenish our skin's moisture levels too! This may mean switching to a heavier moisturiser throughout the winter months, this will allow your skin to replenish its moisture and nourish your skin with some much-needed oils. Not everyone can withstand a heavy moisturiser, especially during the day, so if this is you, try incorporating a heavier moisturiser into your night routine and leave your daytime routine as is. This can help with dry, flakey skin or even just dry patches of skin, and give your skin a lovely boost of moisture.

  5. Continue Your Daily SPF - The sun may be hiding behind dull, grey skies but those pesky UV rays still fight their way through! SPF is a must-have in your routine. Every season. Every single day of the year. All the time. Always.

  6. Top Up Moisture Throughout the Day - Dry, chapped lips, dry, flakey patches of skin... the winter truly takes our skin through the mills. A firm favourite amongst my customers and me is my wonderful little Tierra Balm. Soothing, nourishing and a hearty dose of moisture, this little pot of joy is handy enough to take with you throughout the day, soothing your dry chapped lips, moisturising and nourishing those dry, flakey areas and giving your dry, cracked hands some much needed TLC. Tierra Balm is an absolute staple in my routine, but even more so in the winter! You can find my ultra-soothing, super-moisturising, do-it-all Tierra Balm here.

And there we have it! 6 easy things you can do to support your skin through the winter months. I always recommend that you listen to your skin as these changes take place, if you incorporate something different, pay attention to your skin and how it responds, it may take a few tweaks as the weeks go by until you find something perfect for you. As always, I would be so happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have about your routine or your skin's needs! You are always welcome to comment your questions below or even send me a direct message and we can go through it together!

Next week I'll be sharing my 2021 Christmas Gift Guide, this will be featuring some utterly gorgeous businesses that I absolutely love with a whole host of delicious gift ideas! I'll have ideas for jewellery, Bohemian clothing, herbal potions & rituals, plants and more! Until then my lovelies!

Rebecca x

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