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My 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

I know, I know. I can't believe it either. We have 37 days people. 37 DAYS!!!! If you're anything like me and this year has flown by you at an impossible speed... you probably need this gift guide!

I am unashamed to say I haven't even started my own Christmas shopping yet, but I have spent much time curating this beautiful little gift guide for you guys!

My 2021 Christmas Gift Guide features some of my favourite businesses & creators, I'm in love with their products, their values and the messages they share with the world - it would be mighty rude of me not to share!

All businesses featured in my handy little gift guide are female-owned, UK based small businesses, who each have beautiful products and important ethics. I've got something for everyone: the bohemian dreamgirl in your life, the wild, witchy woman, the manifesting babe, the plant-lover, and the beauty lover! Without further ado, here are my top picks for Christmas gifting this year:

Stone Circle - British Bohemian Clothing

For the dreamy, bohemian goddess... Stone Circle are hands down one of my favourite clothing brands. Dresses, trousers, skirts, tops & accessories with deep, earthy tones and natural hues - their pieces are simply gorgeous. Each piece is created using ethically sourced materials and accommodate goddesses of all shapes & sizes. Their pieces truly do make you feel like an absolute goddess! Stone Circle launch their ranges in drops, with each drop having its own theme, bringing new styles, colours and patterns each time. They also have a gift card option, so if you're not sure what to pick for the bohemian babe in your life - let them choose themselves! Keep an eye out for their Christmas announcements, as a little birdy told me they have something spectacularly special in the works! You can visit their website here and you can follow their Instagram here. You can also join their S.C Sisterhood Facebook group, here. This is a beautiful, empowering, boho community filled with loving, supportive women that I am absolutely honoured to be a part of!

Mystic Jagger Apothecary - Herbal Potions + Ritual Magick

Potent herbal rituals for the Wild Woman in your life. Alana, the founder of Mystic Jagger, creates the most beautiful, organic herbal potions and rituals, intended to help you re-wild & reconnect to mother earth. The Mystic Jagger ritual kits include an organic, herbal tisane and a herbal bath potion. Each potion is carefully and intuitively curated with deep intentions, hand-blended on the Full Moon and is blessed with Reiki Master Energy. Alana has a range of rituals available, such as her Sacred Fire Ritual, Wild Woman Ritual + Tranquility Ritual, each with their own intentions and mystic properties. Mystic Jagger also offers organic, handcrafted candles, as well as a lovely variety of ritual accessories. The range has had a gorgeous wee Yule update, where you can purchase the rituals beautifully gift wrapped! You can visit the Mystic Jagger website here and you can follow their Instagram here. Mystic Jagger also have a gift card option!

Glasgow PlantMama - House Plants Galore

One for the green-fingered, indoor-jungle cultivating beauty in your life! Glasgow PlantMama has an absolutely spectacular range of gorgeous houseplants available, from Pet-Friendly Plants to Easy Care Plants, Rare Plants, Statement Plants and so much more! Not only does Glasgow PlantMama have a gorgeous shop in Glasgow (70 Bell Street, G1 1LQ) for you to visit, you can also order online as they provide UK-wide posting! You can select "shipping" in the "How to get It" filter and see all of the glorious pieces available for shipping! There is also a fabulous range of accessories, and if you're stuck on which gorgeous greenery your planty-pal would love, there's even a gift card option! You can find the Glasgow PlantMama website here and follow them on Instagram here.

Law of Attraction Changed My Life - For the Manifesting Queen

I've been a fan of Law of Attraction Changed My Life's Francesca since her early Youtube days. I was ecstatic when she began a podcast (available on Spotify + iTunes, it's a belter!!) and was even more so when she began to create her range of incredible manifesting tools. Francesca has everything you need, from gorgeous gratitude necklaces, in designs such as "Grateful", " Thankful" and "Blessed", to manifesting candles such as "This Smells Like Success" and "This Smells Like My Future Husband". Francesca also has Christmas + 2022 themed manifesting candles, as well as a gorgeous tote bag, affirmation prints + more! Perfect for the manifesting babe in your life! You can find the Law of Attraction Changed My Life shop here and follow her Instagram here.

Greener Beauty - All your ethical beauty needs, in one place!

Greener Beauty is the one-stop shop for the ethically conscious beauty-lover in your life! With tons of gorgeous brands available, everything they stock is vegan, cruelty-free and from ethical brands. Greener Beauty has a whole host of gorgeous products available, from make-up and skincare to toiletries, haircare, fragrance, nail care and gifts. They even have a category for the men in your life! Greener Beauty has also curated the most gorgeous, plastic-free beauty advent calendar - made from 75% recycled card, featuring 24 gorgeous, plastic-free products. They plant a tree for every regular order and plant 10 for every advent calendar sold! Greener Beauty truly has anything and everything you could possibly need for gifting, and they also have a gift card option! You can check out the entire range here and follow Greener Beauty on Instagram here.

Open Palm - Handmade, Planet Friendly Reusable Beauty Products

Open Palm have the most beautiful beauty accessories I have ever seen! The range features gorgeous, reusable products such as face cloths, towelling scrunchies and face/body mit. These are made with bamboo, so not only are they reusable, but they are also 100% biodegradable! They also have reusable, biodegradable Konjac Sponges. Everything you could possibly need for eco-friendly, skin-friendly gorgeous beauty products. You can shop the Open Palm range here and follow them on Instagram here.

Temple de Luna - Skincare for the Modern Day High Priestess

Last but not least, I of course had to add in my own babies, for the skincare lover in your life! My range of skincare products are made with natural ingredients, are cruelty-free, vegan and are handmade by yours truly. Each product has been infused with the healing energy of Reiki, designed to work at a physical and energetic level for your skin, body, mind and soul. The range is suitable for a variety of skin types, smell heavenly and are just the right dose of luxurious, natural skincare you need. Cultivating the perfect skincare ritual has never been easier! You can shop the range here and follow Temple de Luna on Instagram here.

And there we have it. A gorgeous guide to some of the most incredible small businesses I know and love! As you can see, there is truly something for everyone across these gorgeous brands. These beauties are all female-founded and led small businesses, each with incredible values and products, so please do check out all they have to offer and support their small business and dreams this Christmas!

Next week on the blog I'll be chatting about chemical exfoliants - what they are, how they work, and how to know if they're right for you!

Until then Priestesses,

Rebecca x

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