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New Year... New Product!

Hello! After quite a few weeks off from the Temple de Luna blog, it's great to be bringing the first blog post of 2022 to life! As you may have seen over on Instagram, I'm right in the midst of a new product launch, so what better time than now to tell you all about the new product coming to the range!

I've been formulating this gorgeous little elixir for over a year now, crafting and perfecting the formula to bring you nothing but greatness in a bottle! Quite a while ago you guys asked for something for fine lines, wrinkles and textured skin. With that in mind, I've designed this product to be suitable for all skin types (even my sensitive skin gals!), with a focus on antiageing and improving skin texture. The final product is the most gorgeous, dreamy facial oil that sinks into the skin like magic. This beauty has some incredible ingredients & benefits (which I'll get into soon!) but the star of the show is a gorgeous, plant-based oil that provides the same benefits to the skin as retinol, but without the harsh side effects such as irritation, dryness and flaking! It also means those with sensitive skin can FINALLY get in on that "retinol" action! Just without the retinol!

This facial oil is a beautiful blend of natural plant oils, delicately combined for the ultimate results. With an abundance of benefits to the ingredients in this oil, let's get started on a little about what it can do:

  • Reduce & prevent fine lines and wrinkles

  • Firm and tighten the skin

  • Restore elasticity & promote cell regeneration

  • Smooth skin texture

  • Improve uneven skin tone

Many of the ingredients are also fantastic for acne-prone skin, they can help to fight acne & regulate oil production, whilst reducing the redness and inflammation that often accompanies breakouts, helping to improve the overall skin tone too. The natural oils help to soothe and regenerate the skin, helping to reduce scarring and uneven texture.

Some of the key ingredients in my facial oil include:

  • Seabuckthorn Oil - deeply hydrating, improves overall skin health, helps prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles, promote cell regeneration and restores skin elasticity

  • Hemp Oil - moisturises, soothes inflammation, regulates oil production, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, firms & tightens the skin, packed full of anti-oxidants & is incredibly nourishing

  • Bakuchiol Oil - improves skin brightness and uneven skin tone, helps to promote firmness and plumpness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps to smooth skin texture

Although this oil has the same effects as retinol, it is gentle enough that it can be used twice a day. This oil is best applied after your moisturiser at night, then after your moisturiser and before SPF in the morning!

The exciting news is that it won't be much longer until this belter joins the rest of the range at Temple de Luna! The cosmetic safety assessment has been carried out and I am currently putting together the final touches in preparation to launch. Crossing all my fingers & toes, I'm aiming for mid-February!

In the meantime, if you've any questions about my facial oil or any suggestions of future products you'd like to see, please do drop me a comment or a direct message! Have a great weekend!

Rebecca x

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