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The Dreamiest Cleanse

Today I thought I'd share something a little bit different, a product demonstration!

Our Moonkissed Cleanser is unique from most cleansers due to the fact it's a powder to foam formula, this means you activate the powder with water and it magically turns into the silkiest, most gorgeous lather you could imagine!

I could write a book on the benefits of this cleanser, but here's just a few: it offers such a gentle, yet deep cleanse that's suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, it helps reduce redness, fight blemishes and acne and leaves behind the most beautiful, glowing skin! It's also a completely plastic-free cleanser, packaged in a fully biodegradable cardboard shaker with paper labels!

Below is a demonstration on how to start your day right and end it in bliss, with our gorgeous Moonkissed Cleanser:

One of my favourite things about our Moonkissed Cleanser is just how customisable it can be! You can really tailor the cleansing experience to whatever you prefer, the more water you add the more foamy it becomes, if you dissolve less you get a really gentle exfoliation too, it is so fun to play about with to get your perfect consistency!

You can find out more about the Moonkissed Cleanser and its magic, here!

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