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"Wobble Days"

Happy June my lovelies! I hope your month so far has been filled with lots of love and laughter!

Today I want to share something a bit different with you. I'm writing this on a beautifully sunny afternoon, a few hours after pulling myself out of "a funk" this morning and thought it would be good to share my experience of what I call "Wobble Days" and how I turn them around.

This morning when I woke up things just didn't feel the same as they usually do. As you probably know by now, I'm a very high-energy, bubbly person and usually have myself on that "high-vibe" feel. But today was different. I just felt "off". You know those days where things just feel as though they aren't working out for you, and you feel doubtful and negative and a bit stuck in a rut? That was me this morning.

First of all, I want to say that I feel extremely grateful that I don't tend to have these days very often. But when they do hit, they are in such contrast to how I usually feel that it kind of knocks me off my feet. To be honest, I've felt this building up for a few days and thought I'd been managing those niggling thoughts a bit better than I obviously was. I sat down to FINALLY get the newsletter up & running again, my laptop started acting up and I lost the first paragraph and a half I'd been working on and I LOST MY SHIT. I promptly snapped my laptop shut and loudly exclaimed just how pissed off I was with it all. Which isn't really like me at all... I thought moving to the garden might help me get back on track, some fresh air and the sunshine should make me feel better, so upstairs I went to grab my sunscreen for my arms and shoulders and before I could even catch the thoughts going through my head... I was crying. I felt overwhelmed, behind, I felt like my to-do list was getting way out of my control and I felt like I was stuck in a stagnant rut.

Taking deep breaths, I tried to gently remind myself that I do in fact have things under control, that I needed to give myself a wee bit of a break and most of all, that feeling the way I did today was normal. Like we all do at times, I've been putting FAR too much pressure on myself. I reminded myself that running a small business and working a full-time job (whilst trying to fit in time for myself, time with my husband, mum & friends as well as my other interests) is no easy feat. I can't possibly do it all.

So after crying and talking to myself in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, I was at least able to get myself to the rationalising point, which for me is the first step in conquering a Wobble Day. I find that on days like this, even acknowledging that they are normal and that the way I'd been feeling and thoughts I'd been having were not true, can work wonders on loosening the tight grip these days can have on us. My next step is to fully get it all off my chest, for me, this works in different ways, I like to talk things through with my husband, share how I'm feeling and get his perspective, and it's the same with my mum. Some days I find it easier to just scribble it all out in my journal (or on a blank piece of paper then burn it later to signify being done with my own shit!). Some days I do both. What's important is finding a way that works for you. Maybe you even just need to have a rant out loud in an empty room? Try out a few different things!

Even after these few steps, I felt about 20 stone lighter. Things didn't seem as bad as they did this morning. I knew I could and would bounce back. My mum suggested I take the day off and take a step back from my TDL to-do list, but today I knew that wouldn't help. I knew I had to put on "my big girl pants" and get stuck into my work. I knew if I didn't, it would only contribute to how I'd been feeling already. Don't get me wrong, on some Wobble Days, it is best for me to take a step back and take the day off, from everything and do as I please until I feel ready to try again. But I knew that wasn't the answer today, and that's the next step. Knowing how is best for you to move forward. Only you will know, deep down, how best to go forward, but whatever you decide, you have to make peace with it and follow through.

So, I stuck on a pot of coffee, grabbed my sunglasses and my earphones and headed out to my outdoor coffee table in the garden. I took a few deep breaths and consciously drew a line under my experience that morning. I'm a MASSIVE FAN of having conversations with myself (yes, out loud, regardless of where I am) as it helps me with processing and vocalising whatever is going through my mind (at any point, wobble day or not, maybe I just like the sound of my own voice?). So I sat down with my fresh coffee and said "Okay, we're done with this morning. We've had the thoughts and feelings, we've let them out and had a releasing cry and rant, rationalised everything going on and now it's time to get back on the wagon". I opened my laptop back up, half-praying it was still working... I mean this thing is 11 years old, as much as I'm entitled to a tantrum here and there, I should not be snapping its poor, already-cracked screen down in frustration (whilst I'm on the subject, Universe... if you'd like to send me a new laptop that would be great, thanks babe!). Thankfully all was well and I loaded things up again and got to work. After chipping away at the newsletter, I ended up creating a really lovely, joyful newsletter that provided a lot of value to my subscribers, and I felt amazing for getting it done. Something as small as pushing on & creating a newsletter for the month and getting it out really helped me flip the script.

Like I said, turning around a Wobble Day isn't always about knuckling down and "getting on with it" but today I just knew that's what would work for me today. Some days it's better for me to switch everything off and go lay on the couch with a "share" bag of crisps and a shit ton of chocolate and binge my way through whatever I find on Netflix. But it's just knowing in that moment what you feel will serve you best to move forward with.

When it comes to these days being "normal", what I mean by this is that we all have them. We can't possibly stay on that "high-vibe" feeling forever, it is normal for us to doubt ourselves at times. It's normal for us to feel overwhelmed when we're spinning so many plates (our plates will all look different, but we all have plates to spin!) and trying to keep up with the rest of the world at the same time. These days happen to us all... but we're the only ones who can truly turn them around. We can let them consume us entirely, and that's when Wobble Days spiral into Wobble Weeks and Wobble Months... or we can recognise them for what they truly are and make a conscious decision to take our power back.

I told you this blog was a bit of a different one! Although it's not the same as my usual skincare chat, it's another part of our human experience and something we can all relate to on some level. So I hope that sharing my own experience with Wobble Days can help you in navigating yours. I would also love to hear your own ways of dealing with them? Do you call them Wobble Days too, or something different? What're your top tips for handling a Wobble Day?

As always my lovelies, I'm super keen to hear your thoughts and for you to share your own experiences too, so feel free to drop a comment below and share! I hope you're having a beautiful day so far and keeping hold of that firey power of yours.


Rebecca x

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