It's said the moon influences us in many ways. She is powerful, mystical and radiant... just like you. Submerge yourself in a Moonkissed dream with our gorgeous Moonkissed Cleanser. 


Our powder-to-foam cleanser combines Kaolin Clay, Orange Powder and Mango Power to gently cleanse your skin of impurities. Easy and fun to use, our Moonkissed Cleanser is activated by water, giving you full customisable control of your cleansing experience! Dissolve as much or as little as you like of the cleanser to create your desired foamy-ness! Gentle enough for daily use, leaving your skin fresh, clean and radiant!


Let the sweet and fizzy scent of our Moonkissed Cleanser take you dancing amongst the stars... galaxies surrounding you, you glide through constellations until you see her light. There she is, Luna. And with a burst of joy, zesty & sweet, she purses her lips, and you are Moonkissed.


R E I K I   I N F U S E D 


S K I N  B E N E F I T S


  • GENTLY CLEANSES & FIGHTS BLEMISHES - Orange Peel Powder, Mango Powder and Kaolin Clay work in perfect harmony to gently cleanse the skin of excess oil, dirt, grime and bacteria whilst assisting the skin to fight blemishes, without drying it out.


  • BRIGHTENS, REDUCES REDNESS, LEAVING BEHIND A NATURAL GLOW - Our Orange Peel Powder, Mango Powder and Rosehip Powder blend packs a Vitamin C punch, which helps to brighten the skin, reduce redness and inflammation, allowing your Moonkissed skin to unleash its full radiance!  


  • TONES & FIRMS - Formulated with natural astringents (our Vitamin C rich gems!) the Moonkissed Cleanser can help to tone and firm the skin, leaving it supple and glowing.


45g. Suitable for all skin types.

Moonkissed Cleanser Mini

  • Shake the powder into your palm, add a little warm water and lather between your hands. Add more water as needed until you have your desired "foamy-ness". Gently massage into your face & neck, then rinse thoroughly. Continue with your skincare routine & moisturise. As this product is water activated, it is not recommended to allow water into the packaging container.