Harnessing the goodness of some of Mother Earth's most beautiful plants, Tierra Balm is a moisture powerhouse!


Our soothing multi-purpose balm consists of coconut oil, infused with a blend of specially curated herbs, alongside skin-soothing essential oils and creamy, soft soy wax to lock in moisture. 


With it's invigorating, earthy aroma, let Tierra Balm ground your mind... taking you deep into the forest on a crisp Autumn day, you smell the freshly fallen pine needles and a hint of that just-rained scent in the air, and you feel... refreshed. And all whilst your skin drinks up the natural goodness Tierra Balm has to offer.


R E I K I  I N F U S E D


S K I N  B E N E F I T S


  • SOOTHES, TONES & MOISTURISES - Our formula contains multiple ingredients with moisturising, astringent and skin calming properties such as Coconut Oil,  St John's Wort, Witchhazel & Calendula.


  • HELPS REDUCE REDNESS & BALANCE IRRITATIONS -  Our special blend of herbs contain many ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with Coconut Oil & our carefully selected essential oils, Tierra Balm can help not only deliver intense moisture to the skin but also assist the skin in balancing irritations such as dryness and redness.


  • LOCKS IN MOISTURE - Soy Wax is not only a natural moisturiser, it's also a wiz at sealing in moisture, keeping you moisturised for longer!


10g. Suitable for all skin types (including skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne & rosacea).

Tierra Balm Mini

  • This beautiful little balm can be used for an array of things, from dry patches of skin, cuticles, elbows and knees, dry or chapped lips, as a face moisturiser, beard balm, balm cleanser and so much more. Simply dab or rub on these areas or anywhere in need of a nourishing boost of moisture!