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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual practice of energy healing, where the practitioner channels Universal life force energy to heal and promote wellbeing within the recipient.

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years, with its practice targeting the energy fields that surround the body. 

Reiki is not confined to any religion, belief or faith, which means its healing effects can be benefitted from everyone - whether they believe in reiki or not.

Reiki can assist the body in its natural healing processes,  can induce relaxation, relieve emotional stress and support spiritual and physical wellbeing.

I infuse each product with this beautiful, healing energy to raise the energy vibration of the product, which is absorbed by the skin when used. These potent, high vibrations are included to infuse you with healing, wellness and love on your skincare journey. This allows our products to work on a physical level for your skin and at a vibrational level for your spirit and energy field. 

Head over to our blog on reiki for more!

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