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Skincare & Witchcraft - A Curious Combination

When most people think about skincare, the last thing they think about alongside it is witchcraft, yet it seemed perfectly normal to me to smoooosh them cosily together when creating my vision for Temple de Luna.

I've been interested in all things spiritual, witchy and mystical since a young age and I began making skincare for myself at home when I was about 13 or 14 in a bid to help my acne-prone skin.

By the time I was 17 or 18, I made skincare for myself and my family regularly. I loved working with natural ingredients, learning all about how they work, how to formulate a product and the joy of using them afterwards. I was always encouraged by my family to start a business with skincare but I never knew how, it was always just a daydream.

By 21 I had been a practising witch for about 4 years and went through my reiki level 1 and level 2 attunements. I knew I wasn't confident enough to be a reiki practitioner at the time, but I was so curious about the practice and figured it would be a great tool to have for myself in life. The next time I was making a batch of my beautiful balm for my sister and me (my now, utterly gorgeous, Tierra Balm) I had an instant urge to infuse the batch with reiki. I can't explain why, it was like a lightbulb moment in my brain where I realised that since everything holds an energetic frequency, I can attune the products I create to a specific vibration for the skin to absorb too. Combining this with using & working with some of the most delicious ingredients provided by Mother Earth... it just made sense. I've infused every single batch of any product I've made with reiki, energy healing and loving intentions since. Although reiki is the main component of the energy work I do on my products, there's an emphasis on intentions for the user such as self-love, self-confidence, loving, healing energy and more.

By the time I was 23, I found myself taking a leap of faith and quitting my job on a whim (due to unexpected circumstances but on good terms!). In the 8 weeks that I was searching for a new job I decided I was going to give making a reiki-infused skincare business a go. Suddenly, everything I couldn't understand in my research over the years just clicked and it all made sense. 6 months later I launched Temple de Luna.

Infusing my products with reiki and specific intentions is the element of Temple de Luna that I love and adore the most. Knowing that the products I create are out there in the world making a physical difference in people's skin as well as a healing, energetic difference in their overall well-being is something I am so passionate about and so grateful that I get to do.

When it comes to my witchy little skincare range, focusing on the ritual aspect of skincare rather than routine emphasises that for all of us, practising witch or not, despite the busyness of everyday life and the constant noise around us, there is always one ritual that remains, the skincare ritual. I love to encourage making a ritual out of your skincare routine, which could mean incorporating your affirmations and visualisations, setting your intentions for the day, glamour magick or mirror work or simply practising mindfulness and taking some time with yourself.

So, there you have it. The how and why I combine natural skincare, reiki and witchcraft to create one, gorgeous range to bring something to the world that supports your skin, soul, mind and body.

Soon on the blog, I'll be delving into each product, their uniqueness and purpose combined with their healing, reiki-infused goodness and what it all means for your skin & self. Let me know in the comments which product I should do first!

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