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Our Reiki Infused Triple Moon Elixir

Today on the blog we're taking a deep dive into Temple de Luna's reiki-infused Triple Moon Elixir! What is it? Who is it for? Where does it fit into your skincare routine?

Our Triple Moon Elixir is a facial oil suitable for skin of all types and all ages, with a formula designed to address various skin concerns and goals. Triple Moon Elixir can be used for preventing & reducing fine lines & wrinkles, for skin prone to acne, and to help improve and reduce scarring, texture and skin tone. It can also help to support your skin's overall health.

So what gives Triple Moon Elixir its ability to address such a broad range of things? The answer lies in its carefully crafted formula and ingredient profile. Each ingredient has been chosen to work symbiotically with the others, each providing its own benefits for the skin and working in harmony with the others. Let's take a look at some of the key ingredients and their benefits:

Hemp Seed Oil - helps repair the skin barrier, attracts & locks in moisture, regulates oil production

Castor Oil - antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory, can reduce acne, improve skin tone and texture

Bakuchiol - supports collagen production which supports skin elasticity and firmness, supports overall skin health, smoothes and improves uneven skin tone and texture, improves acne and helps to reduce and prevent signs of ageing. This ingredient works in the same way that retinol does and delivers the same incredible skin results - but without the irritation and side effects!

Seabuckthorn Oil - helps reduce scarring, reduces inflammation, and promotes a smoother, more even skin texture. It can also help to improve psoriasis, acne and eczema.

This beautiful blend of oils is super gentle on the skin, suitable for skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and acne as well as sensitive skin. It's a great alternative to a retinol product if retinol is a little too much for your skin. It is also safe to use morning and night, delivering great results without the sensitivity!

And of course, as with each product in the Temple de Luna range, Triple Moon Elixir has been infused with the gorgeous, healing energy of Reiki, loving intentions and high vibrations for your gorgeous skin to drink up as it absorbs!

There are a few lovely ways to incorporate Triple Moon Elixir into your skincare ritual: you can apply it after your moisturiser, or straight after cleansing, you can EVEN add a few drops to your favourite powdered face mask mix for an added boost!

However you choose to apply it, Triple Moon Elixir is sure to become a staple in your #tdlritual!

Until next time,

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