Hi there! I'm Rebecca, and I'm the owner and founder of Temple de Luna!

I established TDL in October 2019, after years of struggling extensively with my own skin. Throughout my teenage and early adult years, I lived with acne & psoriasis. Which had a massive impact on my confidence, my life and ultimately how I felt about myself. I spent years going back & forth between my GP and my dermatologist, and I tried all sorts, but nothing ever seemed to help. I began researching natural ingredients and formulating, and over the years I experimented with natural potions and lotions in my kitchen, I quickly found that my skin responded much better to natural ingredients and that the formulas I was creating were much more gentle and soothing to my skin. My very first Tierra Balm formulation was also a great success with my sister's skin, she suffered for years with eczema and found that Tierra Balm soothed and replenished her skin with some much-needed moisture. My family always encouraged me to launch it as a product, but I had no idea where to start and really only daydreamed of a creating skincare business.

In March 2019 I found myself unexpectedly unemployed, and something told me this was a blessing in disguise. I started to get a 'niggle' about launching my own business and started to work on the plans. This is when my idea for Temple de Luna blossomed, and I launched my first product, Tierra Balm, in October 2019.

It was important to me to build my brand based on my values, with a deep connection to nature it's important to me that I run my business as eco-consciously as I can. So I that's why do my best to use containers you can re-use and recycle, and send your orders in recyclable packaging. I often re-use packaging from my fantastic suppliers to reduce waste where possible too (especially for wholesale orders). My formulas and products have never been tested on animals, and they never will be. They are also all vegan. It's important to me that my products not only make a positive impact on my customer's skin but that I'm producing skincare products that actually care at the same time.

Transparency and authenticity are two of my core values, so I will always be honest about my ingredients, processes and most importantly, your skin! I am a keen advocate for "normalising human skin", so I only share untouched images of myself or my customers when referencing skincare or their/my skin. If there ever is a filter on an image of human skin, that's made clear. I don't think it's fair to share filtered or airbrushed pictures of skin under the guise that this is what my products can do. Purely because this "perfect skin" is not a realistic, or achievable, goal. I'd rather show you that pores, blemishes, scars and pigmentation are all normal. And that human skin is beautiful as it is, untouched by editing features.

I also have a great interest in the Universe, Spirituality, and energy healing,  and it's important to me to create my products with only loving and caring intentions so that each product is infused with these vibrational frequencies.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me & Temple de Luna! If you ever need any skincare advice or recommendations, please get in touch!

Rebecca x

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