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The Temple De Luna Story

After years of struggling with acne and psoriasis, I established Temple de Luna in 2019 to give
people like me a natural, healthy skin care solution. My skin issues had an impact on my
confidence and my life and I watched it do the same to family and friends. It’s always been
important to me to create a brand that makes people feel their best selves – inside and out.

Temple de Luna creates high-vibration, multi-sensory skincare for the busy, modern-day High
Priestess. Crafted with gorgeous, natural ingredients from Mother Earth, every product
is infused with specific intentions and reiki healing energy for skincare that works at a physical
and energetic level for your skin and overall well-being.

Our range is vegan, cruelty-free and eco-conscious to ensure that the energy and work we put
out to the world leaves as positive a mark and as little negative impact as possible.
Transparency and authenticity are essential to me so I pledge to always be honest about my
ingredients, processes and, most importantly, your skin. Additionally, I believe in celebrating our
different skin types and don’t use retouching, filters or airbrushing on our photos.
I am so pleased to invite you to explore the spiritual side of skincare with Temple de Luna and
let your inner and outer goddess shine.

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