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The Birth of Temple De Luna

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am the owner and founder of Temple de Luna. If you follow TDL on Instagram or Facebook then you'll know I love sharing behind the scenes details, ingredient & skincare information as well as skincare tips and knowledge with you! So I felt I could connect with you better by creating a blog on my website to expand on this some more - and naturally, the first post had to be an introduction to myself and Temple de Luna! Below I'll be sharing with you a bit about my skincare journey, the inspiration behind Temple de Luna and a bit about my philosophy!

Let me be honest with you, I've been down a very bumpy road when it comes to my skin (acne pun intended) and I've spent a lot of time, money and energy on trying to 'fix' it. I suffered from severe acne from when I was around 11 years old right up until I was 23. I was prone to cystic acne breakouts which meant that it always manifested itself in angry, red, bumps over my cheeks, forehead, chest and back. It was painful, unsightly and I remember how badly it affected my confidence and my self-worth as I was growing up, but I think that would be better discussed in another blog post as a topic of its own. Growing up I felt as though I was constantly at the doctors about my skin. From GP appointments to Dermatology referrals, there was always a new medicine, new cream or steroid to try. I went through them all, from birth control to Roaccutane. You name it, I tried it! And it was exhausting.

After I was taken off of Roaccutane (due to some form of allergic reaction) I was told that there was nothing else left to try to treat my acne. A part of me was relieved about this because I kind of wanted a break from all the medicine and chemicals I was pumping into my body, but another part of me felt hopeless. I had tried and done everything the doctors gave or told me, and I was still living with acne. At that time in my life, I was only just delving into the very tiny beginnings of my spirituality and more natural ways of living. I was learning new things and exploring new ideas and eventually, I ended up learning about using herbs, spices and natural foods (like honey, yoghurt) in natural skincare in a variety of ways. I WAS HOOKED.

I started making countless homemade remedies, concoctions and elixirs to try and heal my skin. I lost count of the number of times members of my family would come home and shout from the kitchen 'What the fuck is that in the fridge?!' - usually it was leftover Turmeric face mask or some sort of egg and honey blend! I always had so much fun researching and checking my cupboards for ingredients, making up the remedy and slathering it on my skin eager to see instant results. Now don't get me wrong, I saw some amazing benefits and results in my skin, but when it came to my acne it only helped a spot or two, never the whole problem of acne.

I then started to play about with a formula for a skin balm, different herbs and ingredients, different base oils and essential oils, until I found a nice foundation to build on. I ended up making a massive batch one day and bottled it up and gave some to my sister. To cut a long story short, the balm didn't 'fix my acne' either, but my skin felt amazing, my spots were less red and sore and the skin that wasn't affected by acne was glowing! Better yet, my sister found it to be incredibly relieving and soothing on her skin (which is prone to eczema) and immediately wanted more!

So for the last 3.5 years, I have been experimenting with, creating and perfecting my little experiment balm into my now-released Tierra Balm! Although I didn't get the result with my acne that I was looking for, I was amazed at what this little product could do. It was so nourishing, moisturising and soothing to my skin (as well as many others who went on to test it for me!). It also helped clear up dry patches, heal the skin and keeping it supple and healthy.

For years my family and friends would tell me to sell it but I always shrugged it off as a 'maybe one day' as I didn't think I could overcome everything that comes alongside that. That was until I quit my job in March this year. I was suddenly inspired to start my own business, and in the natural evolution of planning this, I remembered my family and friends cheering on Tierra Balm. I finally felt ready to throw myself into it, learn the legal side of manufacturing, selling and marketing a cosmetic product. As well as the assessments, labelling and 'business' side of what I wanted to do. I've spent so many years researching and working on taking better care of my skin, that being able to create products that can help others do the same is wondrous to me. I'm passionate about skincare and being able to look after our skin without using harsh chemicals, harmful ingredients and unnatural products.

I truly believe we all deserve to have beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. And I truly believe that we can achieve that using the natural resources we can use from the Earth. Nature is an incredible thing and the healing and nourishing benefits of many natural ingredients can bring out the best in your skin. It is my philosophy at Temple de Luna that it is environmentally conscious, sources top-quality ingredients from ethical suppliers, is cruelty-free and always provides 100% natural, handmade products. Temple de Luna offers honest, natural and guilt free skincare products that deliver incredible results.

I am so excited to share this journey with you and look forward to sharing more info, tips and knowledge on my website!

Rebecca x

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