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Why Use Natural Skincare Products?

Let me begin by saying Happy New Year to you all! I sincerely hope this year is full of love, adventure and fun for you guys!

In this blog post, I want to talk about some of the benefits of using natural skin care products. By this, I mean products that are made with 100% natural ingredients. There are many, many benefits of using natural skincare products and many ways they can help you on your skincare journey.

Skincare products that contain 100% natural ingredients tend to be much more gentle on your skin than products that contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. When products are formulated using only natural ingredients, your skin benefits from the nourishing vitamins and qualities that these ingredients contain. This can give your skin relief from irritation, promote the healing of skin damage and can even help your skin when it comes to signs of ageing. Some natural ingredients can naturally boost the production of collagen in your skin, this then helps to boost the elasticity of your skin and helps to reverse the signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as adding a natural 'plumpness' to your skin. Chemicals can often cause breakouts and other skin irritations, whereas natural ingredients can lessen and prevent them.

Another benefit of using natural skin care products is that they often contain what is known as 'Active Ingredients' or 'High-Performance Ingredients'. These ingredients have specific properties within them that address whatever skin concern(s) the formula is created to target e.g dryness, acne, uneven skin tone. There are three main branches of active ingredients. These fall into the following: Anti-oxidants - anti-oxidants prevent early skin ageing and can fight free radicals. They also slow down oxidisation and prevent rancidity in the product. Hydroxy Acids - although these sound intimidating, they are just naturally occurring acids that can promote exfoliation & can accelerate the turnover of skin cells. Lastly, Astringents - these ingredients can shrink or contract body tissues, which means that they can tone and tighten skin. As you can see, each branch of these high-performance ingredients have fantastic benefits to the skin, and fortunately, they are extremely common in natural skincare products.

Another benefit of having a natural skincare routine is that there are often many products that are anhydrous, which means that the product does not contain any water. There are a lot of benefits to a product being anhydrous, for example, they are self-preserving, which removes the need for harsh chemicals or preservatives. This makes the product even more gentle on your skin. Anhydrous products also penetrate the barrier of the skin better and are therefore absorbed better by the skin. This means that your skin cells receive the full therapeutic value of the active ingredients! Another pro of anhydrous products is that often, a little goes a very long way. This allows you to keep and continue to use your product over longer periods and saves you money on restocking your skincare inventory! These are just some of the reasons that all products made at Temple de Luna are anhydrous.

So, I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about why using natural skincare products is beneficial to our skin. Like I said before, there are many, many benefits to incorporating natural skincare products into your routine and above are just a few of the benefits. I would recommend researching more about natural skincare and why it is beneficial for you and your skin type!

Thank you so much for checking out my new blog update, I can't wait to share more with you in future posts!

Rebecca x

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