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5 Tips for Glowing Skin!

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Although the products we use play a massive role in our skin, its health and its appearance, I think it's important to look at and learn about other factors that contribute to our skin. So today I want to talk a bit about the things we can do to help promote beautiful, healthy and glowing skin! This quick list ranges from things we could probably all get better at (eating a balanced diet, drinking more water!) to things you may not be incorporating into your skincare yet!

Please believe me when I say, this list is not exhaustive. There are probably a million things we could be doing that would give us that dewy, radiant look on our skin, but these are just a few of the main things that are sure to keep your skin in top condition!

1. Have a Skincare Routine in Place

This is so important. And the best thing about it? It can be as elaborate or as minimal as you like. Your skincare routine should be specific to you, your skin & what it needs. A good place to start when building a skincare routine is identifying what your skin type is. Do you have sensitive skin, oily skin, normal skin? And so on. Once you know what skin type you're dealing with it's a whole lot easier to navigate a skincare routine than using the trial and error method of skincare. Even something simple as cleanse & moisturise morning and night and using a face scrub once a week is a skincare routine. The important part is being consistent. You should also take into consideration what skincare means (or can mean) to you. If you have 10 minutes of free time in the morning would it make you feel refreshed and energised to cleanse your face, pat dry and follow up with your favourite moisturiser? Then coming home for the day, removing your make up (if any), and truly pamper yourself with a cleansing and moisturising ritual with nice music, comfy clothes and a cuppa? Your skincare routine can be the first experience, the second or a mixture of both at any time of the day. Whatever your routine is, make sure you enjoy it. Bask in the beauty of spending time on yourself. Skincare can be self-care, whether it's 10 minutes or half an hour.

2. Keep Yourself Topped Up with Water!

There's a reason that water is referred to as 'The Elixir of Life'. We all know generally that water is good for us, but why is it good for our skin? Well, our skin is the largest organ in bodies have, and it's made up of A LOT of water. The water in our skin keeps it moisturised, so without it, our skin would be dry and flaky and would show many signs of ageing. Drinking water helps our skin maintain moisture and it increases the skin's elasticity. The more elasticity in our skin = fewer signs of ageing. Drinking water can also help to improve your complexion and keep your skin clear, this is because water aids your digestive system in flushing toxins from your body. I would highly recommend purchasing a re-usable bottle and re-fill it throughout the day! This helps to reduce the use of plastic bottles and the waste they create. Every small step we can take to heal our planet is crucial.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet!

We all know there are many reasons to maintain a balanced diet, and it's often said that what you put in the inside, reflects on the outside. And it's true. If we don't maintain a balanced diet it can show on our skin, and quickly! We must feed our skin with the nutrients and minerals that it needs from the inside. Nutrients such as vitamins C & E, Selenium and Zinc are all crucial to healthy, radiant and glowing skin. Alongside many other skin-nourishing nutrients, these can all be sourced from a balanced diet and can help your skin to fight free-radicals, improve its elasticity and minimise breakouts.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep!

Now it's a no-brainer that we simple beings require sleep to even function at a basic level. There is so much going on in our bodies when we sleep it's incredible that we somehow wake up with more energy and our bodies aren't exhausted! As we sleep, our bodies are busy producing more collagen (amongst doing many other things!) which minimises fine lines in the skin and improves its elasticity. Not only this, but your skin works to repair itself from daytime damage which is assisted by lowered levels of Cortisol (stress hormone) during the sleep cycle. Getting a good night's sleep can, more importantly, prevent an increase of the Cortisol levels in your body which can be a big contributing factor to tired, dull skin as well as causing inflammation and flare-ups in conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Sleep plays a big role in keeping our skin glowing and healthy, so we must make sure to get enough of it. It's recommended that adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, so make sure you get that beauty sleep!

5. Wear an SPF - DAILY!

This is an extremely important one. And being honest, this is one that I need to be stricter on in my routine. This is probably the case for most people but it truly is so important. It's been known for a long time that exposure to the sun can be damaging to our skin. And not just long-term exposure, as in laying and baking in soaring hot sunshine for five days straight. Daily exposure to the sun, even in winter, can expose our skin to its harmful rays. Did you know that even on a cloudy day we are still somewhat exposed to the sun's rays? That's why it is crucial to incorporate an SPF into your morning skincare routine. The sun can impact our skin in two ways, via two different types of rays: UVA (causes skin damage) & UVB (causes sunburn, which in turn is damaging to your skin). Wearing an SPF daily can help protect your skin from this damage and can also prevent premature ageing of the skin. This is something that I will be incorporating into my daily routine more strictly as it's so important for the health of your skin.

Well! I hope you've enjoyed reading some of these tips for healthy, glowing skin. Remember, our skin is the one thing we are guaranteed to wear for our entire lives, so it's essential that we are proactive in looking after, and nourishing it. As I said, it's always important to look at the products our skin needs and tailor them to our skincare routine, but it's just as important to look at your overall lifestyle and other things you can incorporate into your skincare. So if there's anything in this list that you think you could do more of or improve then make it a goal to try it in your routine for a week. You'll be surprised at the difference small changes can make in your skin!

Rebecca x

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