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Infusing Your Life with Magick

In a world so full of hustle and bustle, finding magick in our lives can be a little tricky. We're often caught up in the workloads, the to-do lists, the responsibilities, the next task, the next goal, it's always go, go, go. This can make it a little difficult for us to stop and experience the true wonder of everyday life, and feel a connection to living that's more than the work, eat, sleep, repeat society built around us. We hear and see so much on mindfulness and being present, but how do we incorporate this in our day-to-day?

Finding magick in the ordinary is a lot simpler than it seems, the troublesome part can be remembering to do it... but we'll touch on that later! You see, there can be and is magick all around us, once you know where (and more importantly, how) to look for it. There is magick in your coffee cup, in your calls & texts, your books, plants, your commute to work, the music you listen to, it's everywhere! So how do we tap into it?

The key is catching it. Like the air we breathe, magick is whizzing through our lives and environments constantly. "Catching the magick" could almost be described as a mindset, it's a willingness to see the ordinary things in life through a most magickal lens. This is where we introduce mindfulness and presentness, by blending them with the normal, everyday things. You see, being present and being mindful doesn't mean you have to sit in a meditative state, calming and observing your thoughts. It can be as simple as that first cup of coffee in the morning, the warmth that envelopes you from your very first sip. That deep, roasted flavour. The zing! it seems to give you and even just the peace and tranquillity that lies in intentionally enjoying a nice cuppa as you start your day.

There can be magick in your skincare routine, by using your products intentionally, carving out special time, day and night, to take care of parts of the most precious thing in your life, you. Lighting a candle, inhaling the various scents, feeling the textures on your skin, noticing how clean and fresh you feel after a cleanse - by transforming your routine to a ritual, it can all be mindful!

Even the commute to work can be magickal, regardless of how you travel to work (or even if you work from home) I bet there are a million things you could notice throughout the journey that makes you feel the magick of life. The way the wind makes the trees dance, how the birds serenade everything and everyone around them with their song, the glimmer of sun rays bursting through the trees at just the right moment for you to catch it. It's all life. It's all magick.

I guess this is really a "stop and smell the roses" piece, as that's what it's truly all about. Finding the magick in the ordinary is simply just an act of remembering that it's there! In everyday things, there are moments we can take to stop, breathe and truly appreciate whatever we are doing, or see, or feel or hear. It's the art of syncing up to the world around you and taking a few moments to truly bask in the gorgeous essence of connection.

Like I said earlier, it's the remembering that can make it a little tricky, especially with all of the noise and to-do's in our everyday. An easy way to combat this is to simply set reminders! Using your phone or whichever device you tend to use most, you can set a reminder for various points throughout the day - it doesn't matter what it is you're doing at that given moment, the important thing is to stop, take a moment and soak it all in. If you're in the middle of an interaction, let that reminder sound to you to really take time to be present with whoever you're engaging with. The more you do this, the more your brain gets used to it. The more it becomes automatic. Once it's automatic... you start to see the magick everywhere, all by yourself, no reminders needed!

Little practices like this can truly transform your day and over time, your mindset. It helps you cultivate more mindfulness and peace in your life. It helps you to appreciate all aspects of the day-to-day. It is truly magickal.

Is this a practice you have already incorporated into your life? If not, is this something you'd be willing to give a go? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep your eyes open over the next few weeks on the blog, as soon I'll be sharing my Christmas Gift Guide for this year!

Until next time, Priestess!

Rebecca x

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