Experience the luxury of natural skincare.

Embrace the healing power of plants with our natural skincare range.


Who We Are

Temple de Luna is a small batch, natural cosmetics company based in Glasgow, Scotland. All of our products are handmade with care and loving intentions, using natural, plant-based ingredients. All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and are always ethically sourced. 

Temple de Luna products are vegan and free from animal cruelty, with every formula being tested on humans only! 


Products and packaging are created with our environment and beautiful planet in mind, at Temple de Luna, we strive to be environmentally conscious during every step of the way.

All of Temple de Luna's products are anhydrous (which means that none of our formulas contain water). Anhydrous products contain self-preserving ingredients and are much more stable, which means that all of our products can be created without the use of harsh chemicals or preservatives. Giving you luxurious skincare products, packed full of nourishing, skin-loving ingredients.


Anhydrous products can also last longer than water-based products due to being in high concentration, which means a little often goes a long way! Another benefit of anhydrous products is that they can penetrate the skin barrier more efficiently than water-based products. This means that the skin cells can receive the full therapeutic value of our active ingredients! 


Looking after our skin is important. And doing so naturally, with the gifts we have from Mother Earth, is even better. At Temple de Luna, we know it's possible to experience the luxury of incredible skincare products that truly work, using only natural, vegan ingredients. 

We believe that everyone has a skincare journey to tell, and we can't wait to be a part of yours.





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