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Embrace the magick of ancient rituals infused with a modern twist with the Ritual Mist Bundle. A collection of 5 intentional blends, chosen for their magickal correspondences. There's a Ritual Mist for any situation and every space.


This beautiful little bundle includes:


Relax & Soothe

Lavender - Serenity | Calm | Promotes RelaxationBergamot - Uplifts the Spirit | Peace | RelaxationVetiver - Tranquility | Grounding | Relieves Stress


Cleanse & Protect

Cedarwood - Protection | Cleansing | Banish NegativityBlack Pepper - Cleansing | Repels Negativity | ProtectionJuniper Berry - Cleansing | Protection | Repels Negativity


Awaken & Rejuvenate

Grapefruit - Energising | Uplifting | Awakens the SensesNeroli - Uplifting | Boosts Energy | Restores Sense of SelfOrange - Boosts Mood | Boosts Energy | Promotes Joy


Inspire & Motivate

Lime - Energising | Increases Focus | Creates ClarityGinger - Passion | Inspiration | Boosts SuccessMandarin - Inspiration | Creativity | Boosts Optimism


High Priestess

Vetiver - Receiving | Abundance | Opens the HeartPatchouli - Beauty | Passion | Spiritual Growth


Elevate your daily rituals with the transformative power of the entire Ritual Mist Collection, and indulge in the magickal moments that await you.

100ml of each scent.

Ritual Mist Bundle

    • For external use only.
    • Not for contact with skin or eyes.
    • When using on fabrics, test on an inconspicuous area first. 
  • Relax & Soothe - lavender hydrosol, pentylene glycol, lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, vetiver essential oil.

    Cleanse & Protect - juniper berry hydrosol, pentylene glycol, cedarwood essential oil, black pepper essential oil, juniper berry essential oil.

    Awaken & Rejuvenate - orange blossom hydrosol, pentylene glycol, grapefruit essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, neroli essential oil.

    Inspire & Motivate - witch hazel hydrosol, pentylene glycol, lime essential oil, ginger essential oil, mandarin essential oil.

    High Priestess - witch hazel hydrosol, pentylene glycol, vetiver essential oil, patchouli essential oil. 

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