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Embrace the magick of ancient rituals infused with a modern twist with the Inspire & Motivate Ritual Mist. Immerse yourself in the motivating spark of Lime, Ginger, and Mandarin essential oils—an intentional blend chosen for their magickal correspondences of increasing focus, invoking inspiration & creativity and boosting passion.


Let this sacred mist fuel your spirit & awaken your creativity wherever you need it. Spritz in the corners of your home or workspace, before a meditation, on your yoga mat or anywhere you need a boost of motivation. With its exciting blend of Lime, Ginger, and Mandarin essential oils, Inspire & Motivate is guaranteed to bring a boost of inspiration, passion and creative energy into every corner of your space and being. 


Every spritz is a spell, so inhale deeply and let the energies of Lime, Ginger, and Mandarin work in harmony to spark motivation and infuse your space with a sense of focus and clarity. 


Lime - Energising | Increases Focus | Creates Clarity
Ginger - Passion | Inspiration | Boosts Success
Mandarin - Inspiration | Creativity | Boosts Optimism


Elevate your daily rituals with the transformative power of Inspire and Motivate Ritual Mist, and indulge in the magickal moments that await you.

Inspire & Motivate Ritual Mist

    • For external use only.
    • Not for contact with skin or eyes.
    • When using on fabrics, test on an inconspicuous area first. 
  • Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Pentylene Glycol, Lime Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil.

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