High Vibrational, Natural Skincare


Reiki Infused

Natural Ingredients



Skincare for the Modern Day 
High Priestess

Temple de Luna seeks to soothe your soul and nourish your skin. Not only are my products highly effective, but they're also high vibration. Promising healthy, glowing skin, whilst restoring your inner balance and harmony.


I create my handcrafted products with the healing, natural ingredients gifted by Mother Nature, combined with the healing energy of Reiki, infused into every batch. My products are formulated and designed to work at a physical level for your skin, and an energetic level for your spirit in your natural skincare routine. 


Myrange is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and everything I do is done with our beautiful planet in mind. I strive to be sustainable and environmentally conscious every step of the way, and it's something I'mare committed to continue improving on as Temple de Luna grows.

With Temple de Luna, Ilove to celebrate real, human skin. I'm not a fan of filters, photo editing or airbrushing when it comes to my social content and marketing. That's why you'll only ever see true, human skin, with pores, blemishes, redness and everything else that we have learned to view as "flaws". Temple de Luna promises you luxurious skincare products, packed full of nourishing, skin-loving ingredients, charged with Reiki, and a heap of embracing, nourishing and loving our skin and ourselves.


Restore your inner & outer High priestess with simple moments of skincare, self-care & mindfulness